STONE DEAD is a non-verbal story about life in transition, balancing between comedy
and tragedy.
Two middle-aged men meet after many years of separation in order to accompany each
other to an old friend's funeral.
They disagree on which way to go, and their small journey together evolves into a
long and unpredictable odyssey across the stage.
Will they arrive in time?
And who is actually the dead friend, to whom they want to show their last respect?

: Folmer Kristensen and Hans Rønne
Staging: Petrea Søe
Set design: Gitte Baastrup
Composer: Søren Siegumfeldt
Technicians:Poul Jepsen & Henrik Østergaard Poulsen

“STONE DEAD is a non-verbal theatre star moment!”
Århus Stiftstidende

“Meaningful, heartwarming and poetic.”
Fyns Amtsavis

“70 minutes of superb performing arts!”
Horsens folkeblad

“Pure Becket! Great humor and touching powerlessness.”

International class."

STONE DEAD is produced in collaboration with Teatret Svalegangen and supported by
the Danish Performing Arts Committ